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Our MSP Services

Starfire specializes in the design, build, testing, and deployment of SAP implementation, Salesforce customization, and Emerging Technologies, complemented by Accessibility Guidelines, technology consulting, and staff augmentation.

Starfire's services are tailored to your company or government entity without infringing the boundaries of your budget. Our objective is to make technology an asset for your organization. As a qualified 8(a) company, we believe technology should be accessible to all and in correlation, accessibility standards are crucial to our business practice.

Starfire Dynamics provides the highest quality technology-based services; complemented by our personable and reliable team. Our IT service solutions get the highest level of management and assistance using cutting-edge technology, backed by expertise in SAP implementation, Salesforce customization, accessibility, and emerging technologies. Also, Starfire will help your business or government agency staff the most qualified and dependable individuals. We provide our clients with practical staffing solutions that best fit their business or government agency.

Staff Augmentation
Starfire will help your business develop a strategy to staff your projects or run your operation and accomplish your objectives. Our goal is to handle your staffing requirements and offer the best talent. With Starfire’s IT staff augmentation assistance, we provide a one-window solution to help complete your business projects.
IT Recruitment
Starfire’s recruiting practices offer flexible staffing options depending on the demand of your organization. Whether it’s providing contract positions, resources for projects or staff augmentation; we recruit top talent employees for businesses while allowing them to stay focused on their objectives. Starfire also offers contract-to-hire and direct placement options to increase or decrease your workforce quickly.
Enterprise Services
Starfire provides innovative, data-driven, enterprise services that integrate with our client’s strategies. Our enterprise services model will address any issues in your business by focusing on the delivery of solutions.

With extensive knowledge and background in SAP, Salesforce, Accessibility, and Emerging Technologies like RPA and AI at its core, Starfire Dynamics is prepared to handle even the most complex projects in their entirety from start to finish.

Application Support
Starfire’s IT Application Support team will analyze, support, maintain and troubleshoot any application used by your business, including but not limited to SAP implementation, Salesforce customization, and their integrated systems. We offer ad-hoc support models that compliment your business model.
SAP is a market leader in enterprise application software, not only dedicated to providing applications/products that can help streamline your business process, but also to help the world run better. It also provides next level products ranging across all aspects of business, from Analytics and Digital Supply Chain to ERP and CRM.
Emerging Technologies
By remaining current and adapting to the ever-changing world of IT, Starfire can provide expert services in even the newest of applications.
Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company, that has been dominating the market in customer relationship management (CRM) products. In addition to providing top of the line products and applications, Salesforce is dedicated to striving for universal design and making technology accessible to all.
Starfire's Working Process
Starfire reviews the need with your company to develop the best IT support and recruiting strategies/services for your enterprise.
With expertise in IT and focus in SAP implementation and Salesforce customization, Starfire collaborates with your project manager to offer the most qualified individuals and services for your industry.
Our goal is to make IT simple and allow your company to accomplish core business objectives and easily measure results.
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